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Placebo Extreme Downtime Updates!!!! 
12th-Sep-2007 10:09 am

Just a small update on the situation with Placebo Extreme. I spent most of Sunday searching the internet for different domain registra's. It was difficult to find a new domain for the site as some places were saying the domain I wanted was taken and others weren't.
 I eventually managed to find a host which I've heard good things from in the past, I got the domain I wanted, I got a better deal then what I got with the last domain and in total it's over £10 cheaper so even better.
 I'm expecting the site to be up and running again by this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest, it's taking so long because I now have to change all the links on the site and replace the logo with one with the new url. So hopefully we'll be back up soon.

Take care

Miki xx 

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