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The Placebo Extreme
The Placebo Meds
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30th-May-2008 03:11 pm - 5 Years Of This Picture Forum

 Hi Everyone. 

Yes it's hard to believe but it is true.  This Picture forum is celebrating it's 5th anniversary TODAY!!!!!! 
It's still hard to believe that it's been 5 years since I first opened the forum, in the beginning it wasn't very big with just a few little sections and around 5 members. Then over the years it's grown and attracted many more new and interesting members. 
It's really nice to still see many of our original members on the forum who all followed over from the Silver Rocket forums, and meeting all of our new members. 

We are a nice and friendly Placebo forum and over our years of being online we have all been to some fantastic gigs and shared our experiences and also sharing our experiences of meeting the band themselves.   

Over the past 5 years the forums have seen many changes as most of you will remember. Each one being bigger and better.  We've also had some bad times like when we experienced the massiver server failure in 2006 where we lost all of our galleries and 70% of our posts & topics.  With our strong team and fantastic members we managed to pull the forum back, and using my back-up's I managed to rescue some of our lost topics. Despite it taking many weeks of constant searching and pestering the server support we did it.

In March the main site Placebo Extreme celebrated 5 years of being online and like the forums it started out small with a few pages. The main site has also been a HUGE success, even once being the most viewed music website in China. Quite an achievement. 

So now I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to all of our members on here for making this forum what it is, a fun, friendly Placebo forum that everyone can enjoy! Thankyou to you all.

If anyone is still having trouble accessing the forums then just let me know and I'll check that your account is still active.

Miki xx

12th-Sep-2007 10:09 am - Placebo Extreme Downtime Updates!!!!

Just a small update on the situation with Placebo Extreme. I spent most of Sunday searching the internet for different domain registra's. It was difficult to find a new domain for the site as some places were saying the domain I wanted was taken and others weren't.
 I eventually managed to find a host which I've heard good things from in the past, I got the domain I wanted, I got a better deal then what I got with the last domain and in total it's over £10 cheaper so even better.
 I'm expecting the site to be up and running again by this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest, it's taking so long because I now have to change all the links on the site and replace the logo with one with the new url. So hopefully we'll be back up soon.

Take care

Miki xx 

10th-Sep-2006 09:26 pm - Placebo Extreme on Myspace.
Placebo Extreme are now on myspace. just visit www.myspace.com/placeboextreme feel free to add us.
31st-Jul-2006 10:25 pm - Hello
Hello I have found my way here.
31st-Jul-2006 09:23 pm - Updates!!!!
Hi Everyone.

Appologies for the downtime of this journal. I've just given it a minor face lift to re-launch it. So time for some updates:

Placebo Extreme has proven to be very successful in the past couple of months. Since our relaunch we've already had 6405 visitors to the site.

Our exclusive online e-zine 'Extreme' is prooving to be very successful with placebo fans worldwide. We've received lot's of positive feedback on that one so I'm doing my best to keep it fresh and enjoyable each month. Don't forget you can get involved with it if you wish. We're always happy to have guest writers and contributers so if you have anything to offer do get in touch.

Also our petition for a new Placebo fanclub is still going strong. We're still receiving signatures from worldwide Placebo fans and our total is 1294 so a huge thankyou to everyone for your support with that.

Our 'This Picture' Forum is still doing very well we're getting lot's of new users lately which is always nice to see. If you haven't registered already then pop over to http://invisionfree.com/forums/This_Picture and register and join in some of our fun topics.

Lastly just this weekend we got the attention of LOUD clothing who asked us if we'd be interested in their affiliates program. We have a banner on our index page on the site which will take you to their merchandise page where you can buy 100% official band merchandise.

That's about it for now. Keep checking Placebo Extreme as we will be adding lot's of new pictures to the galleries soon and maybe some other surprises. You never know hehe

Miki xx
8th-Jan-2006 08:37 pm - Placebo E-Zine
Anybody fancy writing for a new online E-zine?
10th-Nov-2005 07:53 pm(no subject)
Hi everybody, just to say that I've read an interview in a french magazine where Brian said that the new album sounds like the Bitter end or even like the 1st album... And that we will be able to buy it in february... Can't wait to listen to it, I'm trusting them and it gonna be just great.
8th-Oct-2005 09:43 pm - Welcoming!
Welcome to anyone who's joining!
8th-Oct-2005 04:42 pm - Welcome Note
So here it is! The livejournal community for 'Placebo Extreme' any Placebo fan may post here but the only condition is you have to join! Once you've joined your free to post. So what are you waiting for help me fill it up!
Miki xx
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